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We are so glad you stopped by our site! We pray that you would be encouraged and refreshed by the music the Lord has given us.

Our Journey

We met in 1996 at a church in downtown Nashville, Tennesse. Alberto came from Santiago, Chile, and Kimberly had just moved from Cookeville, Tennessee. As we began our friendship, we saw that the Lord had given us the same heart of passion for the Presence of God. We then began our journey of exploring the realm of spontaneous songs in worship. Our frienship developed, so we were married in August 9th of 1997.

We so treasure the songs that the Lord has given us, as they came forth in live settings out of our journey of pursuing the presence of the Lord with people of the same desire to know Him more deeply.

We currently reside in Franklin, Tennessee and we also do some traveling in which we demonstrate what the Lord is teaching us concerning the ways of His Presence. We want to see the church saturated with the atmosphere and sound of Heaven!

We believe that this generation is destined to tap into those fresh sounds and release them here on earth. We believe that when Heaven's atmosphere is experienced, we will see the manifest presence of the Lord released in greater power and miraculous demonstration.

We believe that a new kind of music is coming--music of which the sole purpose is to be a conduit for God's presence!

In this day and age, the main emphasis in the music industry is on the artist, the style, the craftsmanship of the songs, the musicians or the quality of the recordings. While these things are important from an earthly vantage point, they are not really all that important from an eternal perspective. We love to release music that will point to Jesus and not merely to the artists or to the music itself. We believe that "Presence" music will be the only thing that will satisfy the hunger and desperation that is intensifying in the hearts of mankind for the Presence of the Lord, and will be instrumental in ushering in a revival that will sweep across the nations!


The Voyage

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