Extended Glory Gatherings (EGG)

Hi guys, Kimberly and I would like to invite you to join us at Extended Glory Gatherings (EGG)! 

We received a powerful prophetic word over our ministry this year 2020 about extended Glory gatherings so we felt as an act of sowing into this new season to change the name from HeavenSync to EGG!

The two sessions will be on Saturday April 4th at 12PM and 5PM. We are pioneers and we like to push the boundaries of where we've been in our previous experiences. If this resonates with you come to TN for a special time of exploring Heaven and the multi dimensions of His Glory!

There is limited spaced for 45 people so we would advise you to register as soon as possible when you know you can make it.

We will meet at a Club House in the city of Bellevue TN, the town next to Franklin, NEARBY HOTEL LINKS  (Informational only, there are no discounts on these hotels for this event)

We will let you know more details in the weeks to come!


Alberto & Kimberly

EGG April 4th 2020