Hi guys, Kimberly and I would like to open up our home for an unusual event opportunity! So, come to Franklin TN to be with us in our home for a special time of refreshing and synchronization with heaven!

The two sessions will be on Friday and Saturday night at 7 PM. There will be no speakers, only extended times of prophetic music as we synchronize with what Heaven is doing.

There is limited spaced for 15 people so we would advise you to register as soon as possible when you know you can make it.

Follow this link for hotels and places to dine close to our house HOTEL LINKS  (Informational only, there are no discounts on these hotels for this event)
We will email you our address once you complete your registration. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our home!


Alberto & Kimberly

HeavenSync JUNE 2019

HeavenSync JUNE Registration for ONE
  • HeavenSync JUNE Registration for ONE
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HeavenSync JUNE Registration for ONE

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The 2 sessions at the Rivera's home will be Friday night JUNE 14th at 7 PM, Saturday JUNE 15th at 7 PM. ATTENTION: Space limited to 15 people. **[If you can see this, then there is still room available]

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