Hi guys, Kimberly and I LOVE this miraculous curcumin drops! Almost 100% absorption! We take them daily and they are incredible, so many benefits! This, the iTeraCare wand and Nanosoma are our daily ritual lol. Learn about  the amazing new tech that unlocks the HUGE absorption problem of this wonder spice! Cheers! ~Alberto

The wonder Spice called Curcumin found in turmeric!

One of the most studied spices in the world with so many potential benefits including:


Anti-diabetic effect

Anti-cancer effect

Anti-oxidant activity

Neuro protection


The Problem? Low absorption in the body!

Only 9% and dissipates within an hour from the body.

Solution?  BioMS!

  • NEW Technology BioMS solves the big problem of absorption in the body!
  • 277 times more absorbability than normal turmeric powder
  • 98% Absorption in the body
  • 10 Drops equals 17 Lbs of turmeric root
  • Stays in the body up to 24 hours
  • Results are astounding!


Vidafy Presentation

Dr Jeremy Thorton